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Challenge #2/Big Fish/Edward Bloom & Jenny

Hey guys. I'm so sorry for the delay. I had a lot to do yesterday. I chose the movie Big Fish for Challenge #2. This time, the icon must directly have something to do with the characters - Edward Bloom & Jenny.

+ You may only use the pictures provided.
- Click images to see larger view
+ You may use text of any kind.
- Lines from the movie preferred, but not required.
+ Animation is allowed.
+ Icon does NOT have to include both Jenny and Edward.
+ When posting your icon, please post a comment to this journal entry only.
- Your entry should look like this:
banner: (yes or no)

+ If you do not know how to link an image, use this:
- <*img src="YOUR PHOTO URL HERE">
- When posting, take out the *
- A good host to use would be photobucket or imageshack.
- If you need additional help, just ask.

For some reason - photobucket isn't uploading my images to the size they should be. I would re-host to imageshack but it would take a REALLY long, annoying time to do that. So I hope these will do for you. There are 10 photos.

pick a name

Good luck!!! :) (Challenge ends Friday, December 2nd at midnight - possible mid day Saturday due to the delay.)

Also, banners for Challenge #1 will either be up tonight or tomorrow. And a L.I.M.S. (Last Icon Maker Standing) contest is going to start up soon. The subject will be Tim Burton movies that have Johnny Depp in them. :)! Fun.
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