slicingxmod (slicingxmod) wrote in tburtonicontest,


Due to personal reasons - a computer will be unavailable for awhile - therefore, I have to put the community on hiatus. I'm so sorry you guys.

I probably wont see any of the comments you leave for awhile. But thanks for your support.

<3 slicingxmod
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aww! don't worry. this community will be back to it's best once you're back! Merry Christmas btw! xxx

I found this community on _model_icontest, and I am very happy with having found it :)

I can't wait until the next icontest.

But why can't I see everyone's icons as I go through?
open soon please
hi there, if you're looking for help with your community (maybe a co-mod or someone to take over) - I just created ljadoption. I can list you there if you want.