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tburtonicontest's Journal

Tim Burton (100 x 100 Icon) Challenge
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Welcome to tburtonicontest. This is an icon challenge community dedicated to Tim Burton films. Anyone may join so long as they follow a few certain rules.

x As of now, I will allow two entries per challenge until our third challenge is over just to get things started.
x Please post each entry in 2 seperate comments.
x When posting your icon please post your icon, the url to your icon, and if you would like a banner made for you if you should place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or special.
x Only original icons entered. Do not steal, I wont tolerate it.
x Don't bash anyone's icons.
x Please ask before taking anyone's icon and using it. Respect the artists.
x You may use text on your icon unless I call it otherwise. (For example: If it's a base challenge.)
x When I provide images, only those images are allowed to be used for the challenge. Otherwise, it's up to you. If you need help finding something - let me know. I will be glad to help you out.

Please post entries ONLY in the comments section of the current challenge. Icons will be accepted Monday - Friday. Voting will take place approx. 12 a.m. Saturday (Friday night) until approx. 12 a.m. Monday (Sunday night). Results will be posted the same night along with the next week's challenge.

If you would like to submit ideas for lyrics, concepts or anything else please do so here If you post your ideas/entries somewhere they don't belong they will be ignored.


x slicingxmod - Owner/Mod

x _odyssey - Co-Mod

Info layout taken from mka_challenge