slicingxmod (slicingxmod) wrote in tburtonicontest,

Challenge #2 Reminder

This is your reminder to enter Challenge #2!

Additionally, we haven't gotten many entries for it - so to the users that have already entered (and anyone that still wants to), I'm allowing up to THREE entries... just to make it a bit more intresting.

I'm not sure when the challenge is going to end. If I have at least 10 entries by tomorrow night - I'll end it then. If not, I'll wait until Saturday night.

I think for the next challenge - comments will NOT be screened.

When I was a member of MKA_Challenge (well, I still am but they're on hiatus), they never screened their entries and I liked that a lot. People got to compliment others. It was a lot of fun. I'm a member at 13_icontest and they screen theirs. From my point of view, I don't like that very much. It makes me too anxious and I want to see the other entries. If it's a matter of cheating - it wont happen, guys because the poll allows me to see who voted for who each week. Just wanted to let you guys know!
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i won't be able to post until saturday! could you postpone it pretty pretty pretty please? i've had a really crazily busy week...
I probably will postpone because I haven't gotten many entries.
aww, i'd love to enter, but i haven't seen that movie =/
That's ok - enter anyway! Just make a beautiful icon and use some lyrics from one of your favorite songs. :)
can we still enter icons?
Sorry I couldn't respond earlier. I was at work. So long as voting has not gone up - you are allowed to enter icons.

I hope you get this soon!!!