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Challenge #3/Edward Scissorhands/Black & White

Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in voting. We hadn't gotten many entries and someone requested that I postpone it so they could enter so I did. Voting seems to be going well... seems like more of you are voting than entering! Come on, enter! Please :( lol

So here's the deal with Challenge #3:

+ Entries will NOT be screened. Lets just try it. I think it's more fun.
+ For now, I will allow you to enter up to 2 icons.
-If we don't have enough by Thursday - I'll bump it up to 3.
+ You may enter all the way up until voting is posted.

+ This is a Black & White challenge which means:
- At least 75% of the icon must be black & white
- White/black borders are allowed and do count as part of the icon
+ You may only use the pictures provided.
- Click images to see larger view
+ You may use text of any kind.
+ Entries due by Midnight on Friday December 9th + voting starts
+ When posting your icon, please post a comment to this journal entry only.
- Your entry should look like this:
banner: (yes or no)

+ If you do not know how to link an image, use this:
- <*img src="YOUR PHOTO URL HERE">
- When posting, take out the *
- A good host to use would be photobucket or imageshack.
- If you need additional help, just ask.

9 pictures to use! Hope you like!

pick a name

Voting for Challenge #2 ends tonight at Midnight. (Just to get back on track. I know it was just for 24 hours but I don't want the whole schedule to be juggled around. We've gotten a lot of votes in so I figure it will make up for it.) Banners will be up a.s.a.p.
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